20-22 February 2018
London, UK
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Following the recent developments and the work in the CAR-T and TCR space, we have re-focused this event to deliver the most high value content bringing you CAR-TCR Europe.

CAR-TCR Europe is the dedicated end-to-end summit focused on delivering safe, effective and commercially successful CAR and TCR cell therapies globally.

With the first CAR-T approved and the next poised to receive approval from the FDA and EMA by the end of 2017, CAR-T therapies aren’t going anywhere and are set to become mainstream frontline cancer treatments.

As we see success, there are still two key areas even for the leaders to address European regulations and global distribution. Alongside this, addressing the challenges with improving the underwhelming performance of CAR-TCR therapies in solid tumor indications are more important now than ever before. Are Novartis and Kite set to gain almost all the market share in this field?

CAR-TCR Europe brings you access to the leaders in this field and the hub of companies creating novel innovations in Europe. We set the stage for visionary leaders to transform the commercial and clinical delivery of cancer therapeutics.

Gain exclusive insight on current clinical programs and case studies on the next wave of CAR-TCR candidates from those pioneering in this field.

Focusing on navigating the regulatory minefield and ensuring successful global distribution and delivery of CAR-T and TCR therapies, CAR-TCR Europe is your opportunity to network, interact and learn at the only end-to-end meeting that fosters the transformation of leading science to commercial therapies.


"This is a best in class and top summit in the CART TCR area which is an invaluable asset to both industries and academia."

-Yangbing Zhao, Director T Cell Engineering Laboratory, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, CAR-TCR 2017 attendee

"Best focused meeting on CAR and TCR development, from bench to clinic."

-Dominic Justewicz, Associate Research Fellow, Pfizer, CAR-TCR 2017 attendee

"This meeting provides a unique platform for industrial, academic and clinical players in CAR-T&TCR-T therapy to share ideals, show advanced data and discuss in details."

-Yu Zhang, CEO, Aeon Therapeutics Inc., CAR-TCR 2017 attendee